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Why is my machine beeping? What does each beep mean?

If your machine is beeping, it can mean two things. Your recharge is finished, or your allotted liters of water are fully consumed. Second, there might be connectivity issues with the app.For this, we suggest you reconnect your RO with Livpure Smart App again.

  • Log out & Login of the Livpure Smart app and further update it if required.
  • Switch off your RO and wait for 2-3 minutes and further switch it on.
  • Switch on your live location, Wi-fi/ Bluetooth and sync.
    • Log in and select your machine.
    • Click on settings to configure
    • Click on settings to configure.
    • It takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes to reconnect.
If the problem persists, we request that you raise a service request. Our technician will visit and monitor the problem.

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