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` 349 /Month

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Unlimited Plan

` 499 /Month

999 Litres

Water every month

Additional Usage @ ` 1 per Litre

Unlimited Plan

` 649 /Month

999 Litres

Water every month

Additional Usage @ ` 1 per Litre

Experience the Best in Water Purification with Livpure Smart RO in Kolkata

In the bustling city of Kolkata, access to safe and clean drinking water is necessary. Livpure Smart RO Water Purifier stands out as the ideal choice, offering a reliable solution to ensuring best water quality at an affordable price. Whether you reside in Salt Lake, Park Street, New Alipore, Behala, Howrah, or Garia, Livpure Smart RO addresses the varying water quality concerns across Kolkata's diverse neighbourhoods.Read more

Livpure Smart RO brings you an affordable and hassle-free way to enjoy pure drinking water in Kolkata. The best RO in Kolkata comes under subscription plans that offer a range of options, from Bolt RO+UV+Mineraliser to Zinger RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of purchasing, maintaining, or installing water purifiers. Livpure Smart RO provides a cost-effective water purifier on rent in Kolkata, making clean water accessible without the burden of investment.

With the Livpure Smart RO app, monitoring your water quality and usage has never been easier. You can benefit from 24/7 customer support,and effortlessly raise service requests. You can also track the filter life and water consumption. Starting at just INR 349 per month, Livpure Smart RO offers an economical and practical solution for enjoying safe and refreshing drinking water throughout Kolkata. Read less


24X7 App Support

Reach out to us with your concerns anyTime via the app.


Zero Upfront Investments

Pay nothing for the machine,installation and maintenance.


Free Relocation

Enjoy hassle-free relocation with Livpure Smart! We'll uninstall your RO from your current address, deliver and reinstall it at your new location.



You can change the RO subscription plan/RO machine according to your preference anytime.


Free Lifetime Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind with free-of-cost,hassle free maintenance of your purifier.

Get a Water Purifier on Rent in Kolkata in 5 Easy Steps

Once you have installed the Livpure Smart RO app and created your ID, you can rent your Livpure Smart water purifier in Kolkata in five easy steps



Enter a valid address where you want the water purifier to be installed.



Select a payment method and make payment with ease.



Upload your KYC papers to proceed to the final step



Get Livpure Smart RO installed within 72 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About RO Purifiers in Kolkata

1. Why Choose Livpure Smart RO Subscription Over Buying in Kolkata?

Opting for a Livpure Smart RO subscription plan in Kolkata offers various advantages other than just saving on machine cost. You can say goodbye to upfront costs and the hassle of maintenance and repairs. Livpure Smart ensures your purifier functions optimally with regular servicing and filter replacements. Enjoy the flexibility to upgrade to newer models or cancel your subscription at any time for added convenience.

2. How to Check TDS Levels in Kolkata's Water?

Determining the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels in Kolkata's water is a breeze with a TDS meter. Easily obtainable online or at local stores, simply immerse the meter's probe in a water sample, wait for a few seconds, and observe the displayed TDS level. This reading indicates the concentration of dissolved minerals and salts, providing valuable insights into water quality. You don’t have to worry about TDS as when Livpure Smart RO's technicians visit, they assess TDS levels during maintenance and installation services, ensuring your purified water meets stringent safety standards.

3. Choosing the Perfect Water Purifier for Kolkata?

Selecting an ideal water purifier for Kolkata hinges on water quality and TDS of your area. A combination of Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV), and activated carbon filters effectively remove impurities and microbes, producing safe drinking water tailored to Kolkata's specific conditions. At Livpure Smart, explore a diverse range of purifiers designed to perfectly suit your needs.

4. How to Secure an RO Subscription in Kolkata?

Securing a Livpure Smart RO subscription in Kolkata is easy. Choose your desired RO model and subscription plan to match your requirements. Provide your Kolkata location details for installation, complete the payment, and upload the necessary eKYC documents. Within 72 hours, your Livpure Smart RO will be professionally installed, offering you the ultimate convenience and savings compared to purchasing a water purifier in Kolkata.

5. Importance of TDS Controller in Water Purifiers for Kolkata?

A TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) controller plays a crucial role in the taste of water from your Livpure RO’s for Kolkata. Kolkata's water often contains elevated TDS levels, encompassing dissolved minerals and salts. The TDS controller maintains the TDS level in purified water hence resulting in superior taste and controlled TDS. With Livpure Smart RO water purifier on rent in Kolkata, essential minerals are retained, ensuring the delivered drinking water is both safe and pure for consumption.
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