Get started on journey to enjoy clean and pure drinking water, find below a brief overview of what to expect during the installation of your Livpure Smart RO. Our team of skilled technicians will visit your premises at the scheduled time to install and set up your RO system with utmost precision and care. They will ensure that the installation process is smooth, hassle-free, and completed to your satisfaction. We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience from start to finish, and we look forward to providing you with the best water purification solution for your home.

Requirements for Water Purifier Installation


Allocate a space of 2.5x3 feet for Installation of the product.


Your RO should be placed within a 1-meter distance from the following points:

  • Water Point
  • Electric Point
  • Drainage Point

The technician will drill two holes in your wall to install the product.


Ensure awareness of water and electrical fittings within the wall to avoid any kind of damage

Key Factors to Keep in Mind During RO Installation


Choose your installation location away from direct sunlight.


After the installation, tank will be filled completely and drained out.


The overall installation duration typically takes approximately 30–45 minutes.


The Standard installation Kit (displayed below) with product is sufficient to meet all the installation requirements. Any additional fitments/attachments required may incur additional charges

1. Wall mount stand

2. Adaptor

3. Screws

4. Reducer wall

5. Two meters Blue & White pipe each

6. Catalogue

Frequently Asked Questions on RO Installation

Q1. Can the Livpure Smart RO be installed under the sink?
Currently, we do not offer any models that can be installed under the sink.
Q2. Are there any charges for installation?
No, the installation kit provided with the RO is fully equipped, and there are no additional charges for installation.
Q3. Can the RO be installed on tiles?
Yes, the RO can be installed on tiles. However, please note that we are not liable for any damage or cracks that may occur during the installation process.
Q4. Can your technician fix old pipe fittings to connect the RO for water supply?
Our technicians are not responsible for any plumbing work. We recommend consulting a local plumber or electrician for any necessary adjustments or repairs.
Q5. Who is responsible for any damage to my property during the installation?
We do not assume liability for any damage caused to your property during the installation process.

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