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  • Monitor Filter Quality: Your safety is our priority. Our app will help you track real time filter quality.
  • Track water usage: Check your water consumption and recharge or top-up your account.
  • Service Requests: Have a trouble with your machine? Raise a service request at your fingertips.
  • Monitor Filter Quality:Your safety is our priority. Our app will help you find out real time filter quality.
  • Track water usage:Check your water consumption and recharge or top-up your account.
  • Service Requests:Have a trouble with your machine? Raise a service request from your fingertips.


For many homeowners, there are daily hassles of arranging drinking water- be it water jars or maintaining the RO water purifiers. With Livpure Smart, you get rid of both and live a hassle-free life, with the assurance of pure RO drinking water at affordable rates.

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Innovation for the Smart Generation

Livpure Smart is the sensible option for homeowners as it eliminates most of the worries of ownership.
It also means you enjoy best water at an affordable rate.

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7 Days No Risk Trial

Getting started is easy! And you can do it all at no additional installation costs. Means an intelligent choice!

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Free Lifetime Maintenance

When you avail it, you also get peace of mind with hassle-free maintenance of your purifier free of cost.

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APP Support

Experience the convenience with innovative engineering like IOT enabled technology, filter health information and service support on your mobile screen.

The machine and servicing are both managed and provided by Livpure Private Limited.

A Smart deal, Guaranteed!

Get a worry-free supply of RO filtered pure water. That too at a much less price than branded water jars or the best water purifier.

  • You don’t buy the water purifier or pay for a water jar. That’s saving ` 9000-15000 every year.
  • Real time water quality check or filter replacement at no extra cost.
  • Just one phone call and we take care of installing the RO device free of cost.

Compare With:

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  • Cost Per Litre
  • Buying Cost
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Water Quality
  • Water Quality Check
  • Filter Health Life Check
  • Maintenance / Service Schedule
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Livpure Smart

  • ` 0.5 For 999 Litres Month
  • Zero
  • Zero
  • High
  • Real Time for every drop
  • Real Time for every drop
  • Automated
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Water Jars

  • ` 2 to 4
  • NA
  • NA
  • Questionable
  • Monitored at filling station only
  • NA
  • NA
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Established RO Water Purifiers

  • ` 2 to 2.4
  • ` 15000-35000
  • ` 4000-5000
  • High
  • NA
  • NA
  • Full of hassles and manual

Top of the line Models Bolt & Zinger


Bolt | 3-in-1 Advantage | RO + UV + Mineraliser Embrace the healthy life with 100% pure water. Experience lifetime happiness with best-in-class water purifies with 3-in-1 Advantage. With our assured quality and prompt services, you can say goodbye to all hassles of buying a water purifier and say hello to Livpure Smart.

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Zinger Copper Hot provides you water at three different temperatures. You get warm, hot and ambient water as per your needs with just one touch. The RO+UV+UF water purifier comes with a copper cartridge that adds the goodness of natural copper to provide you clean and healthy drinking water. With the in-tank UV sterilization, you get clean water even after storing water for a few days.

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