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Earn ₹ 500 Amazon voucher on every successful referral, plus your friend gets ₹ 100 OFF for availing subscription.

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How to Refer and Earn with Livpure Smart?


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Refer your friends

Fill in the details of the referee with your referral code OR Invite them directly through WhatsApp. We will reach out to them.


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New users Signup/purchase RO Subscription

If you get your friends and followers to sign up & purchase the RO subscription,the reward is yours.


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Earn Reward

For every successful referral, you earn ₹500 Amazon voucher plus your friend gets ₹100 off by using your referral code to avail subscription.

How to Get Livpure Referral Reward

Frequently Asked Questions about Livpure Referral Program


What are the eligibility criteria to get the referral reward?
  • After the referee completes the payment and installation process, the referrer will be eligible for the referral reward.


What benefits are given to prospective (Referee) customers?
  • The referee or prospective customer will get a one-time waiver of Rs.100 from first month rental, this offer is only applicable when the purchase is made via the referral code shared by registered user (Referrer).


What are the terms & conditions for a referral offer?
  • The prospective customer has to register and fill his/her personal details in the registration form available at or the livpure smart mobile application and all the details entered should be true to his/her knowledge.
  • The Subscriber (Referrer) shall refer only the prospective customers and not solicit anyone to participate in the referral offer for gains.
  • For each successful referral, the Subscriber (Referrer) shall be remunerated according to the Referral Offer. Offers are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Livpure reserves the right to exercise due diligence on the User/Subscriber (Referrer) and prospective customers
  • Livpure reserves the right to reject a referral and/or honor the obligation of paying remuneration for any reason, as Livpure may deem fit, including, but not limited to the breach of the terms and conditions.
  • By referring prospective customers or by being a part of the referral offer, the Subscriber (Referrer) shall not create any relation with Livpure and do not become an employee/agent/associate/representative of Livpure. The Registered & Active User/ Subscriber (Referrer) shall refer prospective customers in his/her own individual capacity.
  • The Registered & Active User/Subscriber (Referrer) shall indemnify Livpure for any loss or damage that may be caused to Livpure or any of its directors, associates, employees, shareholders, or personnel due to the breach of the terms and conditions.
  • All the trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property of Livpure will remain with Livpure and the Referral Offer shall not be entitled to use them unless prior written approval is given for the same.


When will I get the referral reward?
  • The referral reward will be given within 2 days after the payment date.


How to reach customer care for any inquiry related to referral?


How to update the status/experience ratings of the referral reward system?
  • You will receive an SMS immediately after receiving a voucher. Just share your feedback & update your voucher status.
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