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Water Purifier On Rent in Hyderabad Water Purifier On Rent in Hyderabad
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Family Plan

` 549 /Month

999 Litres

Water every month

Additional Usage @ ` 1 per Litre

Family Plan

` 699 /Month

999 Litres

Water every month

Additional Usage @ ` 1 per Litre

What Makes Livpure Smart the Best RO Water Purifier in Hyderabad?

The water quality in Hyderabad makes it necessary to have a water purifier installed at home. And with Livpure Smart RO, it’s cost-effective as well! Livpure Smart RO subscription comes with benefits like zero machine cost, zero installation cost and lifetime free maintenance, thus making purified water accessible for every home.Read more

The best RO water purifier in Hyderabad, Livpure Smart RO water purifiers are available with purification processes like RO+UV+Mineraliser and RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer to ensure purified and healthy drinking water. You can also connect your Livpure Smart RO Purifier with the Livpure app to monitor the purity of the water, track your water consumption, raise maintenance requests and recharge the plan at your convenience. Now that’s what we call smart!Read less


24x7 App Support

If you need any kind of support at any time, you can reach out to us with your concerns on the Livpure Smart app.


Zero Upfront Investments

You don’t have to pay anything concerning the machine, installation and maintenance.


Free Relocation

Enjoy hassle-free relocation with Livpure Smart! We'll uninstall your RO from your current address, deliver and reinstall it at your new location.



You can change the RO subscription plan/RO machine according to your preference anytime.


Free Lifetime Maintenance

Our water purifiers are available with free lifetime maintenance, with no hidden costs.

What is TDS in water? How is it useful?

TDS of drinking water is the amount of organic and inorganic materials, such as minerals and salts, dissolved in a particular volume of water. Water TDS is measured as a volume of water with the unit milligrams per liter (mg/L), otherwise known as parts per million (ppm).

Generally, the TDS level for drinking water is between 50-150 is considered as most suitable.

TDS of Drinking
Water in Hyderabad Area

water purifier service in hyderabad water purifier price in hyderabad
Area TDS count/level (Mg/Litre)
Kondapur 250-700
Nizampet 350-900
Manikonda 250-650
Kukatpally 200-800
Miyapur 250-650
Gachibowli 250-800
Ameenpur 200-1200
Moosapet 250-800
Madhapur 220-820
Serilingampally 250-800
Chandanagar 350-700
Toli Chowki 350-700
Jntu Kukat Pally 255-685
Gajularamaram 235-860
Alwal 230-700

5 Easy Steps to Get a
Water Purifier on Rent in Hyderabad



Choose the best product & plan



Add Installation Address



Complete your payment



Upload your KYC documents



Delivery & installation within 72hrs

Frequently Asked Questions About RO Purifiers in Hyderabad

1. Which water purifier is best for bore water in Hyderabad?

Many parts of India, including Hyderabad, utilize underground water, which is very hard. High TDS may indicate the hardness of the water. Livpure Smart RO purifies water with TDS levels up to 1500 mg/l. So you always get 100% pure drinking water with no additional machine cost, installation cost or maintenance cost.

2. Which water purifier has the best service in Hyderabad?

Before choosing a water purifier, you should always check the TDS in water first. According to the TDS level, you can go for a water purifier of your choice. There are different RO water purifier services available in Hyderabad. Livpure Smart RO purifier purifies water with TDS levels up to 1500 mg/l and also offers reliable drinking water solutions to customers in Hyderabad. Livpure Smart RO subscription provides zero-cost lifetime maintenance, so that consumers can enjoy a hassle-free experience of safe drinking water.

3. What is the maintenance cost of the RO purifier in Hyderabad?

An RO water purifier's maintenance cost can be anywhere between INR 2,000 to INR 6,000 per year. But with a Livpure Smart RO subscription, you get free lifetime maintenance with no additional costs. You can enjoy zero maintenance costs for your water purifier by getting a water purifier on rent in Hyderabad, which is a completely hassle-free solution for pure drinking water.

4. How to subscribe to a water purifier in Hyderabad?

When you choose to subscribe to Livpure Smart RO water solutions, you just need to follow five easy steps to get the RO water purifier on rent in Hyderabad. The steps are as follows once you download the Livpure Smart app on your phone:
  1. Choose the product and subscription plan of your choice.
  2. Submit the installation address.
  3. Choose your preferred payment method and make the payment.
  4. Upload your KYC documents.
  5. Get the delivery done within 72 hours.

5. Why is a TDS controller required for RO water purifiers in Hyderabad?

In simple terms, TDS is a device that stands for Total Dissolved Solids to control water purification. High levels of TDS in drinking water may have a distinct taste because of the availability of some amount of salt. Hence, you need to go for RO water purifiers with a TDS controller that allows you to control the TDS of the output water so that you get access to clean drinking water.

6. Why Livpure Smart Water Purifier is the best option for your home?

Gone are the days when you had to follow the traditional way to buy a water purifier for your home and spend on endless maintenance costs. With Livpure Smart Water Purifier, you can rent the best RO water purifier for your home and spend zero money on machine, installation, and maintenance costs. All you need to do is download the Livpure Smart app on your smartphone and get the installation done at your home. You can connect your smartphone to the Livpure Smart Purifier to monitor the purity of the water, track your water consumption, raise maintenance requests and recharge the plan at your convenience.
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