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Bolt Mineralizer

Bolt Mineralizer

Livpure Smart Bolt (RO+UV+Mineralizer) provides you with pure drinking water and comes with in-tank UV sterilization technology to keep your water sterilized while the water is stored in the tank. It adds the essential minerals to your water to help boost the immunity and in enhancing the taste of the water.

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Zinger Copper Hot

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Zinger Copper Hot

Livpure Smart Zinger Copper Hot (RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer) provides you instant and continuous hot drinking water. The Copper cartridge adds the benefits of copper and gives you healthy water to drink.The 6-stage filtration ensures you get clean water from any source with TDS up to 2000 ppm. It is also enabled with HR70 technology, which can save up to 20,000 litres of water every year, making it the world’s first RO purifier with 70% water recovery.

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Why Choose
Livpure RO Water Purifiers?

Livpure is a pioneer in offering smart water solutions to Indian consumers and establish new benchmarks in water purification. Livpure’s water purifiers are aimed to provide you with pure drinking water to each and every individual in the country. With the most advanced water purification solutions, Livpure RO water purifiers are able to give the purest drinking water to the consumers.

Livpure Smart bring the opportunity to rent a water purifier for home at very cheap price. Now rent the best water purifier for home at very economical price and no maintenance cost.

We at Livpure bring the amazing water purifier plans at the best price so as to meet the need of every individual. One can choose according to your requirement and get the plan that benefits you the most. The plans have been designed to help you save money and time on your regular water purifier maintenance services without any hassle.

Our Features

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Multiple Purification Process

Livpure water purifiers are equipped with the most advanced water purification filters that remove the dirt and impurities from the water to provide pure drinking water. The RO membrane ensures that water from any source is purified while the UV sterilization helps keep the water clean and consumable for a long duration.

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Purifies Water From any source

Livpure’s RO water purifier come with reverse osmosis (RO) membrane that is designed to remove the dirt and impurities from the water, be it from any source. The membrane is capable of cleaning water with up to 2000 TDS.

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App Support

With the Livpure Smart app, you can get easy and quick updates about your water purifier subscription. You can track the daily and total water consumption, filter life and also the purification steps. You can also contact the customer support directly from the app if you face any problems.

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Water Saving Technology

Livpure is committed to provide eco-friendly solutions to the consumers, and create a better place for the future generation. With the thought in mind, Livpure water purifiers are designed for the highest water recovery technology that helps save up to 20,000 litres of water every year.

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Free Lifetime Maintenance

Livpure Smart water purifiers have free lifetime maintenance. You will not be charged a single penny for maintenance when you rent the water purifier and any issues in the water purifier will be resolved promptly by Livpure with no cost to the consumer.

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Most Trusted & Awarded

Livpure water purifiers have been awarded with 'Innovative Domestic Water Purifier' (Best RO+UV+UF), 'Fastest Growing Water Purifier' (Best RO), "Made in India - Best RO Overseas Market" by Water Digest organization and 'Asia's Most Promising Brand' validated by Consumers and Industry.


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