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Water Purifier On Rent in Bengaluru Water Purifier On Rent in Bengaluru
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What is TDS in Water and Why is it Important?

TDS in water represents the total concentration of dissolved substances in water. TDS level for drinking water between 50-150 is considered as the most acceptable and if the TDS of drinking water is about 1000 PPM, it is unfit for consumption.
Elevated levels of TDS can give water a bitter or salty taste.
Using an RO Water Purifier can reduce drinking water TDS and provide you with pure water.

TDS of Drinking
Water in Bengaluru Area

Area TDS count/level (Mg/Litre)
Marathahalli Colony 400-700
HSR Layout 300-700
Kudlu 500-800
Whitefield 250-650
BTM Layout 250-550
Electronics City 700-900
Bellandur 650-850
Sarjapur Road 350-650
Horamavu 550-750
Kadugodi 600-1000

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1. Can you drink tap water in Bengaluru?
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) conducted sample tests on tap water quality in India and Bengaluru's water failed to meet the quality standards.
So for your safety, it is best to drink water from the best RO water purifier in Bengaluru.
2. Does Bengaluru have hard water?
Around 24% of areas in Bengaluru have hard water. In some areas TDS of drinking water is more than 500 mg per litre.
Livpure Smart RO purifier, purifies water TDS up to 1500 mg/l
3. Which is the best water purifier for home use in Bengaluru?
A water purifier should be chosen based on the source and quality of the water supplied to your area. If the water supplied to your home is hard water, it means your home water has a high amount of TDS.
Livpure Smart RO purifier, purifies water with TDS up to 1500 mg/l. So you and your family get 100% pure water.
Livpure offers Bolt RO and Zinger Copper Hot RO Purifier. Both these water purifiers have their own unique features and provide the purest drinking water to the consumers. For example, Bolt water purifier has the ability to remineralize your water and Zinger Copper water purifier has an option for hot/warm water.
So to get the best water you can choose either Bolt mineralizer RO or Zinger copper hot RO.
4. What is the maintenance cost of a water purifier in Bengaluru?
In Bengaluru, the maintenance cost of RO water purifier is between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 6000 per year. Maintenance of the RO water purifier is necessary and so this cost cannot be avoided.
But when you choose Livpure Smart water purifier on rent in Bengaluru you enjoy zero cost lifetime maintenance. So you never have to worry about the maintenance of Livpure Smart RO.
5. What is the price of a water purifier in Bengaluru?
A branded RO water purifier costs between Rs.10000 – Rs.20000. Also, you have to spend around 5000 rupees annually for the maintenance of RO. But if you opt for Livpure Smart RO water purifier on rent in Bengaluru you only have to pay a refundable security deposit of Rs.1499.
You can get RO on rent in Bengaluru starting at just Rs.375/month with zero installation charges, zero maintenance charges and zero machine cost. Livpure Smart RO purifier is the most affordable water purifier for home in Bengaluru.