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Family Plan

` 549 /Month

999 Litres

Water every month

Additional Usage @ ` 1 per Litre

Family Plan

` 699 /Month

999 Litres

Water every month

Additional Usage @ ` 1 per Litre

What Makes Livpure Smart the Best RO Water purifier in Pune?

The importance of clean drinking water cannot be stated enough – it keeps you hydrated and the risk of diseases at bay. You can now access purified and healthy drinking water in Pune with Livpure Smart RO’s water purifier subscription.Read more

The water quality you receive will vary depending on whether you live in Hinjavadi, Kesnand, NIA, Pashan, Thathawade, or Sangavi. Livpure Smart comes equipped with the most advanced technologies, that regardless of where you live and the quality of water that you receive there, the purifier will work effectively in providing good quality drinking water.

Whether you reside in Wakad, Hinjavadi, Pune City, or Viman Nagar, or if you are living in Wagholi, Baner Gaon, Hadapsar, or Bavdhan, you always have the option to get a purifier on rent instead of purchasing it. This water purifier on rent in Pune lets you enjoy clean drinking water without worrying about machine costs, maintenance charges or installation changes. Our exclusive range of water purifiers on rent in Pune come with RO+UV+Mineraliser and RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer and subscription plans that suit every subscriber. You can also download the Livpure Smart RO app on your smartphone to get 24*7 supports, track your water usage, monitor the purity of your water, raise maintenance requests and recharge your plan at your fingertips. Subscription charges start as low as INR 399 with Livpure Smart RO. So, enjoy drinking water that has the goodness of both safety and savings.Read less


24X7 App Support

Reach out to us with your concerns anyTime via the app.


Zero Upfront Investments

Pay nothing for the machine,installation and maintenance.


Free Relocation

Enjoy hassle-free relocation with Livpure Smart! We'll uninstall your RO from your current address, deliver and reinstall it at your new location.



You can change the RO subscription plan/RO machine according to your preference anytime.


Free Lifetime Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind with free-of-cost,hassle free maintenance of your purifier.

What is Water TDS and Why is it Important?

TDS of drinking water represents the total concentration of dissolved substances or minerals in water. It indicates whether the drinking water is fit for consumption, requires filtration or is highly contaminated.
Generally, water TDS level between 50-150 ppm is considered as the most suitable. However, minimum TDS for drinking water recommended by WHO is 300 ppm.

TDS of Drinking
Water in Pune

water purifier price in pune water purifier price in pune
Area TDS count/level (Mg/Litre)
Wakad Below 500
Kasarwadi 500-1000
Chikhali Below 500
Vadgaon Sheri 500-1000
Pune City 500-1000
Hadaspar 1000-1200
Bavdhan Below 500
Punawale Below 500
Ambegaon BK Below 500
Yerwada Below 500

Get a Water Purifier on Rent in Pune in 5 Easy Steps

Once you have installed the Livpure Smart RO app and created your ID, you can rent your Livpure Smart water purifier in Pune in five easy steps



Enter a valid address where you want the water purifier to be installed.



Select a payment method and make payment with ease.



Upload your KYC papers to proceed to the final step



Get Livpure Smart RO installed within 72 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About RO Purifiers in Pune

1. Why is the Livpure Smart RO subscription plan better than owning a water purifier?

The Livpure Smart RO subscription plan is the smarter way of owning your water purifier. With our various subscription plans, our water purifiers on rent in Pune promise no upfront costs concerning machine, installation or maintenance costs and 24*7 supports whenever and wherever you need it. All you have to do is download the Livpure Smart RO app to get started.

2. What type of water purifier is best for Pune?

Every city and its different areas have different water qualities. This is why we have Livpure Smart RO at your doorstep for you. Depending upon the purity and TDS of the source of water, subscribers can choose a water purification model and plan that suit their requirements. For many homeowners, finding the right quality of drinking water is a recurring hassle. But with Livpure Smart RO, you get rid of unsafe drinking water and live a hassle-free life with the assurance of pure RO drinking water at affordable prices on rent in Pune.

3. How to subscribe to a water purifier in Pune?

With Livpure Smart RO, subscribing to a water purifier on rent in Pune is easy. You can download the Livpure Smart RO app on your smartphone and then begin your subscription journey with us by following the quick five-step process. Select the water purification model and subscription plan, enter the installation address, make payment for the plan, submit KYC documents and get the installation done within 72 hours.

4. How do I check the TDS level of water in Pune?

When you choose to go for a subscription plan by Livpure Smart RO, our technicians check the TDS level of your water at the time of installation and during regular maintenance visits. But if you want to check the TDS water level on your own, the easiest way is to buy a digital TDS meter. When you dip the meter in water, after 2 seconds, you will get the reading of the TDS level.

5. Can I cancel the subscription if I am relocating to another city?

Yes. You can cancel your Livpure Smart RO plan anytime you want since there is no lock-in period. If you are relocating to a new city, say Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad etc., you can change the subscription plan accordingly and continue with our services in a new city uninterruptedly.
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