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What are the benefits of renting RO purifiers from Livpure Smart?

Renting an RO purifier can be beneficial in more ways than one. Here are some advantages of getting a water purifier on rent:

1. Cost-Efficient: When you rent a RO water purifier, you will have to pay monthly recharge amount only plus the security deposit amount which is refundable.

2. More Flexible Option: You have the opportunity to stop and start the service based on your needs, depending on the services and plans you choose. If you are constantly on the move, you have the option of opting out of the service and then reactivating it at your leisure.

3. Multiple Options: You get to choose between two premium products and plans.

4. No Maintenance Fee: Livpure Smart subscription provides free maintenance, installation, and zero machine cost. The company is responsible for machine maintenance and repair, as well as servicing.

5. Zero Relocation Cost: When you shift to a new location the company helps you to shift your water purifier to your new place, without any charges.

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