Best Water Purifier with Low Maintenance Cost

The Livpure Smart RO water purifier, with low maintenance cost for the home, is developed keeping in mind the customer's ever-evolving lifestyle and varying water quality - it's at par with the strictest modern regulations for safe and pure drinking water. Our advanced production facility develops, tests, and perfects water filtration systems, and to prevent contamination, we stick to strict quality controls and hygiene procedures. Our quality control lab is where we test our RO water purifiers in a clean, sterile atmosphere, putting them through their paces in several real-world situations.

When you opt for Livpure Smart RO, Low Maintenance becomes No Maintenance as we take care of the water purifier’s regular upkeep and repairs at no extra cost.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Low Maintenance Water Purifier


Filter Life

Choose a water purifier based on the quality of your water supply. This ensures that you have the right purification technology in place. Apart from properly purifying the drinking water, it also affects how soon your purifier’s filters will need replacement. If the filter life is too short, the replacement expenses can really pile up, making maintenance expensive.


Low Water Wastage

RO water purifiers have always been one of the most reliable ways of ensuring clean, pure, and healthy drinking water. However, excessive water wastage has always been a concern with traditional RO water purifiers as well. Hence, you need to put in the research to find a water purifier that not only has high efficiency but low water wastage as well.


DIY Filter Change

All water purifiers are only as good as their filter. Many times, a water purifier filter may get clogged up before it is time for the purifier’s maintenance service, which is covered under the AMC. For times like these, choosing a water purifier with an easily replaceable filter, one that you can do by yourself, will prove to be a good decision.


Extended Warranty

Many water purifiers come with the option of extended warranties at an additional cost. It extends the coverage period of the warranty after it expires and can help you save a lot of money on costly replacements and repair charges. Always keep your water purifier running in optimal condition with an extended warranty.


AMC Service and Support

Maintenance of the water purifier is extremely important to ensure it keeps functioning well. The maintenance and filter replacement charges, however, can bump up the maintenance costs. That is why it is important to check whether the water purifier manufacturer provides annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) for customers, what is covered under it, and how much an AMC will cost you.


Power Consumption

The power consumption of a water purifier is an important aspect to consider as many water purifiers do not function without an electricity supply. Others may need a high amount of voltage and might not work when the voltage is low. You should ensure that the water purifier works well at all voltages and that it does not increase your electricity bills.

Key Functions of Livpure Smart RO Water Purifier

Here’s how Livpure Smart RO takes care of your need for clean and hygienic drinking water: -

Removes Pollutants during Purification

The water you receive in some places cannot be pure and could include additional hazardous materials like lead, iron, etc. Livpure Smart RO purifiers include UV filters for improved water filtration and are designed specifically for polluted water. Thus, you can get safe drinking water from the RO purifier even if the water is tainted.

Designed to Filter Hard Water with High TDS

Our homes receive a lot of hard water which has a high TDS value and more calcium and magnesium than soft water (Total Dissolved solids like calcium, magnesium, etc.). Livpure Smart water purifiers for hard water employ Reverse Osmosis, which removes additional impurities from water by applying pressure. Dissolved solids are almost difficult to get into your drinking water since the RO purifier filters the water.

Smooth Operation Even with Low Water Pressure

Your choice of low-maintenance RO water purifier should take into account the water pressure in your building. To ensure an uninterrupted supply of purified and healthy drinking water, Livpure Smart RO purifiers can function well even with supply pressure from 5 to 40 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Low Maintenance in Nature

Purchasing a RO purifier with low maintenance cost is crucial because maintaining and servicing the water purifier on your own and frequently is difficult owing to the busy schedule at hand. With Livpure Smart RO water purifier, your annual maintenance cost is ZERO. All you have to do is choose your preferred Livpure Smart RO water purifier on rent with a subscription plan that fits your needs. Installation and maintenance are included in the monthly subscription fee.

Low Maintenance RO Water Purifier Offered By Livpure Smart

Bolt Mineralizer

Bolt Mineralizer

  • RO Purification Technology
  • 6-Stage Advanced Purification
  • Tank Full & Fault Indication
  • 24*7 App Support
  • In-Tank UV Sterilisation
  • 7 Litre Water Storage Capacity

Zinger Copper Hot


Zinger Copper Hot

  • Copper 29 Cartride
  • Advance 6 Purification Process
  • Instant 10X Hot Water
  • Smart App Connectivity
  • In-Tank UV Sterilisation
  • 6.5 Litre Storage Capacity

Low Maintenance RO Water Purifier Offered By Livpure Smart

Bolt Mineralizer

With the use of RO purification technology, Livpure Smart Bolt provides detoxified water from any source. It uses the industry's most progressive water purifying techniques to provide you with the cleanest drinking water possible. Its minimalist form takes up less room in the kitchen and helps keep it neat. Its features include: -

Key Specifications of Bolt Mineralizer

Purification Technology RO+UV+ Mineraliser
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels Upto 1500 ppm
Storage Tank Capacity 7 Litres
Suitable for hardness levels Upto 450 mg/L
Purification Capacity Upto 12 Litres/Hour
Display LED Indications
RO Membrane 75 GPD (Gallons Per Day)

Zinger Copper Hot

Modern water purifier Zinger Copper Hot Water Purifier produces mineralized distilled water using RO+UV+UF purification technology. The most trustworthy water purifier from Livpure Smart, the Zinger Copper Hot with HR70, is created to conserve up to 20,000 litres of water annually, making it the first RO purifier with 70% water recovery in the globe. You can choose from three different temperatures — ambient, warm, or hot — with all the advantages of copper enrichment with just one touch on the interactive LED display.

Key Specifications for Zinger Copper Hot

Purification Technology RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels Upto 1500 ppm
Storage Tank Capacity 6.5 litres
Suitable for hardness levels Upto 200mg/L
Purification Capacity Upto 15L/Hr
Display LED Indications
RO Membrane HR Membrane
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