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Damage Charges

What happens if I damage or break the products?

Livure Smart Home will procure the damaged machine from the customer. The customer is liable to return the product to us without any demur or protest. In case of any damage Livpure Smart Homes will be entitled to claim the loss or damage of the product. Livpure reserves the rights to charge accordingly for the damage.

- Front cover damage: Rs. 1000

- Main body damage: Rs. 1,700

- Missing or malfunctioning Pump: Rs. 2,500

- Missing or malfunctioning Membrane: Rs. 2,500

- Missing or malfunctioning filter: Rs. 500 per piece

- Missing or malfunctioning SMPS (Power supply): Rs. 700

Kindly note the charges can be updated from time to time. Kindly refer to the Terms of Use and Terms of Sale for more details.

Can I avail damage waiver during my tenure?

Unfortunately, damaged products will not be waived by Livpure Smart Homes.

What if I receive any damaged product at the time of installation?

If you received a damaged product at the time of the delivery, then the product will be replaced by the company.

Who will pay for the damage done during installation and while removing the machine?

We would bear the damage caused by our technician during installation, relocation, or maintenance to the water purifier or its accessories.

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