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Why Should you Buy a Branded Water Purifier

Clean drinking water has become a necessity in today’s time. The fast spread of diseases and especially in the times of COVID 19, clean water is absolutely necessary. This is when a lot of people have realized the importance of it. The most sure way of ensuring you get pure, clean water is through a water purifier. Water purifiers are becoming an essential commodity in every household, However it is more important to know the quality of your RO purifier while you go to buy water purifier.

The brand plays an important role as it directly impacts the quality of the machine, which in turn affects the water quality. Branded RO water purifiers are chemically treated purifiers that are capable of removing all toxic or harmful elements from water. Given the present scenario of increasing pollution and stringent regulations on cleanliness, your household needs a certified reliable water purifying system to ensure a safe and healthy life. 

So let’s discuss the reasons why purchasing from a known, well reputed brand is recommended.

Reasons To Buy Branded Water Purifier

1. Quality:

This must be the most obvious and popular reason out there. A well reputed brand will ensure the quality of the machine is up to date and they use the latest technology. One of the benefits of using branded water purifiers is that they have years of experience behind them and are reputed to be one of the best water purifiers in the market because they know how to manufacture quality products and provide excellent service so you can buy water purifier without any tension.

2. Different Options:

A good brand will have different types of water purifiers available for you to choose from. RO water purifier, UV water purifier and many more. They will keep coming up with newer and better products as technology advances. This can be quite confusing for consumers. So to make things more manageable, you can trust Branded Water purifier companies that have been in the business for years and offer various products that will give you peace of mind.

3. After Sale Service:

With a branded product, it is easy to book appointments for services or regular maintenance that is  required. They are quick to respond and follow up if any is to the minimum. 

4. Peace of Mind:

Brands consistently deliver quality purifiers so customers are at peace when purchasing from their brand. As they know the delivery is exact as the website/store. 

5. Trustworthy:

Buying an RO water purifier from a well known brand leads to trust in the product. It is easier to trust a well known brand rather than a local shop. You will trust the product once you buy water purifier from a well known brand because these brands are known for their quality and technology. You can always rely on well established brands that have been in this business for years. 

6. Technology:

Technology is changing so often and brands are the first to pick up on these and use them in their products. Technology like – Hot and cold water purifiers where even hot water is available with a touch of a button, copper water purifier technology which gives you copper infused water that is good for your health and lots more.

7. Water Purifier on Rent:

A water purifier, however practical and important it is for the health, sometimes it is not easy to maintain and store, especially for people who are constantly on the move or staying on rent. For this, Livpure Smart offers water purifiers on rent. Pay a monthly water purifier subscription according to the consumption of water and enjoy a stress and hassle free life. Water purifier subscriptions are a new easy way of life which helps you get clean drinking water without the hassle of owning one.

You can’t go wrong while buying water purifiers online. Water purifying is a must have at every household. It’s an investment in health and Livpure Smart provides the best quality RO purifier to every family. Our water purifiers will make sure you’re drinking safe and pure water every day! We have a wide range of RO purifiers to meet your requirements. 

  1. Zinger Copper Hot: The Zinger Copper Hot water purifier comes with three different temperature options – Hot, Warm and Ambient. Get the temperature you want with a touch of a button. It is also the world’s first RO water purifier with up to 70% water recovery. 
  2. Bolt: Livpure BOLT RO water purifier is an over the counter water purifier which has RO + UV + Mineralizer technology. Available in 3 different colors to match your kitchen

Apart from this, Livpure Smart has a Smart App which helps you keep a track of: 

  1. Daily and total water consumption
  2. Filter life
  3. Service alerts
  4. Customer support

So, it is always better to trust a branded water purifier over a non branded/local purifier as it gives you more advantages and options. What do you think? 

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