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What is Mineral Water? Its Benefits & Side Effects

Mineral water is obtained from protected underground sources and natural springs. Thus retaining many of its nutritional properties. Unlike tap water, natural filtering & disinfecting give mineral water exemplary purity. It helps cleanse and detoxify the body. Drinking mineral water has several health benefits that make it a better choice. Mineral water is full of essential minerals. The minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. All these have essential functions in the body. Further, these minerals get absorbed to supplement our daily nutrient needs.

Mineral water is available in both sparkling and still variants. The effervescence in sparkling waters can aid digestion & neutralize acids in the body. Still, mineral water offers perfect hydration without added carbonation. Drinking mineral water ensures you consume clean water and is free of impurities. For its purity, mineral water is a smart choice over plain tap water.

Comparison Between Mineral Water vs. Regular Water

Here is a comparison of mineral water versus regular water:

Mineral Water Regular Water
It contains alkaline minerals dissolved from surrounding rock and soil. Tap/municipal water contains negligible mineral content.
Comes from natural springs and underground sources. Comes from surface sources like lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.
Mineral concentration of at least 250 ppm is required as per FDA. Treated and disinfected with chemicals like chlorine before supply.
No external minerals or chemicals added. May have traces of impurities like bacteria, pesticides, and metals.
Considered a good source of water due to its mineral content. No regulations on mineral levels or purity.
Better tasting due to natural minerals and purity. Chlorinated taste unless filtered

Mineral water has higher natural mineral content, purity & therapeutic properties. But, regular tap water is easily accessible & affordable but lacks vital nutritional value.

Benefits of Mineral Water

Here are some key benefits of drinking mineral water:

1. Provides vital minerals

Mineral water contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium & other minerals that play vital roles in the body. These minerals support bone health, heart function, metabolism, nerve transmission etc.

2. Improves hydration

The mineral content in mineral water helps the body absorb water more efficiently compared to regular water. This leads to better hydration.

3. Detoxifies the body

Trace minerals help flush out toxins and cleanse the body gently. Mineral water is a mild diuretic.

4. Boosts digestion

Minerals like sodium and magnesium in mineral water aid digestion and relieve constipation. The carbonation in sparkling waters improves digestion too.

5. Strengthens immune system

Minerals like zinc, selenium & copper are present in mineral water. These act as antioxidants and improve immune defense against diseases.

6. Healthy skin

Trace elements like silicon, sulfur and fluoride are found in mineral water. It helps synthesize collagen leading to improved skin elasticity and complexion.

7. Low in contaminants

Mineral water’s natural purity means it is free of bacteria, pesticides and other harmful impurities.

8. Better taste

The mineral content gives mineral water a good taste and makes you drink more water. 

9. Strengthen bones

It is rich in calcium, the vital mineral required for developing strong bones and teeth. 

Potential Risk

While mineral water offers hydration and a boost of minerals. Moderation is key to avoiding side effects. The goal is to make the right choices to get the upside of minerals without any downside. Here are some side effects associated with drinking mineral water:

  • Overconsumption can lead to excessive intake of minerals. This can disrupt hormonal balance and other biological processes.
  • Germ presence if not processed and bottled under hygienic conditions. Pathogens can cause gastrointestinal illness.
  • High silica content in some mineral waters may damage kidneys in excess consumption.
  • Carbonated mineral water can erode tooth enamel over time due to acidity.
  • Not a balanced source of electrolytes compared to an optimized sports drink.

The key is moderation. While it is best to drink mineral water, overconsumption carries risks worth knowing. Careful sourcing is essential for safety.
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