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Livpure Smart Product

Renting Livpure RO v/s Other Purification Methods


Livpure Smart


Other RO


Plastic Cans

Cost Per Litre ₹0.99App ₹8 to 9App ₹3 to 4App
Buying Cost ZeroApp ₹15k-20kApp NAApp
Annual Maintenance ZeroApp ₹4500 to ₹6000App NAApp
Water Quality Check HighApp HighApp MaybeApp
Filter Health Life Check YesApp NAApp NAApp
Continuous UV Filtration YesApp MaybeApp MaybeApp
Auto Service Schedule YesApp Full of Hassle & ManualApp NAApp

Rent an Livpure RO in 4 easy steps

Sign up & Choose Plan
Add Installation Address
Complete Payment
Delivery & installation

Frequently Asked Question on Livpure Water Subscription


Why Rent a Livpure Smart RO Purifier?

    Discover the Many Benefits of Renting an RO Purifier. Here are the Advantages of opting for a Livpure Smart RO on Rent:
  • Cost-Efficient: Pay only for monthly recharge according to plan and one-time refundable deposit.
  • Flexibility: Start, stop and resume the service as per your need.
  • Choice: Choice between premium plans and products.
  • Maintenance-Free: Pay nothing for installation, service, repairs, etc.

How to Rent a Livpure Smart RO?

    Renting a Livpure Smart Water Purifier is a breeze with these 4 simple steps:
  • Sign Up: Quickly register using your phone number.
  • Choose Plan: Select a suitable plan based on model and duration.
  • Activate: Complete payment and eKYC verification.
  • Delivery: Your RO is delivered to your home and installed.

What if I'm unsatisfied and decide to cancel after 3-4 months?

While it's uncommon for our customers to be dissatisfied, your peace of mind matters. Should you choose to cancel after 3-4 months, your security deposit will be refunded upon quality inspection of the returned machine.

What's the 7-day free trial?

We offer a 7-day risk-free, no-cost cancellation policy. If unsatisfied, cancel within 7 days to get a full refund, including security deposit and rental. If you continue, your plan begins from installation date.

Why Choose Renting Over Buying?

Renting offers versatility without the commitment of owning a specific water purifier. Buying an RO Water purifier can be costly and is not feasible for all. If you're on the move or travel often, renting is ideal with no relocation fees. Plus, no annual maintenance charges – Livpure smart takes care of that. Track your water consumption, a perk not available with purchasing a machine.
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