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Service & Maintenance

Do you provide annual maintenance services?

Yes, we have annual maintenance plans that a customer can opt at the time of subscription. Livpure Smart ensures that the machine runs smoothly. All of our RO maintenance services can be availed by the customer, free of cost during the subscription period.

What is the procedure to get service for RO?

Livpure Smart Water Purifier subscription can be availed in 3 easy
Process of Sign-Up/Login-in to place order:
Step 1: Sign-up - Customers can instantly sign-up using the phone number.
Step 2: Subscribe - Customers can subscribe to a plan & choose a plan based on model and duration.
Step 3: Activate - The customer will have to complete the KYC verification to activate the plan

What are your service charges for the machine?

All of our RO maintenance services are absolutely free of cost during the subscription period.

What is the TAT for technician visits for service?

Once the service request is created , the technician is expected to visit the customer within 24-48 hours.

What is the process of shifting RO?

Please call us at our customer care number 8800762226 and tell us about your new address and shifting date. Our team will check about the service available at the new location. As long as the new address is within our service range, we will arrange to pick up the machine from your old address and deliver it to the new location. Further, our installation team will visit for the installation of the product. The entire process is free of cost, and it will take around 7 business days.

Can I take the machine to my place or someone will come from Livpure?

Customer service is always of the utmost importance to us. We take the responsibility of picking up the machine & getting it delivered to the customer’s new address. If in case the customer(s) wishes to take the machine to the new address themselves, it is advisable to keep us informed in advance. Additionally, we urge our customers to ensure there is no damage to the machine during transit.

Do I need to pay for re-installation?

No, We offer re-installation of the assigned machine free of cost.

What is the filter life of a machine?

Our machines are equipped with smart devices which monitor day to day consumption of filter water and alerts the user whenever filter change is required.

Do I need to raise a request for basic service or someone will come from Livpure periodically?

Yes, customers can raise a service request through the Livpure Smart App. Please select the required service in the drop down list available in “Raise a Request” tab on the application homepage. Customers can also call us at customer care number 8800762226 or write to us at and we would be happy to raise a request on behalf of customers.

How long will it take for replacement?

Ideally, the entire process of picking up the existing machine from your address & getting another machine delivered/installed may take approx. 7 days in total.

Is the machine a new or used one?

We ensure every water purifier goes through 21 quality checks before reaching a customer. All the water purifiers are checked on multiple parameters to ensure 100% pure and distilled water to the customers.

If I do not recharge for 2-3 months then what is the procedure for the next recharge?

In this case, the customer has to inform us in advance if he/she is not available for 2-3 months. We will then check the eligibility of the customer for the holiday plan. If eligible, you only pay 250/- INR for the installed machine to keep the subscription active, however, water purification won’t be available for use. When the customer is not eligible for a holiday plan and fails to recharge for 15 days, then a pickup request is raised by us. The return/pick up of the machine will be done following that.

For more detail, please contact our customer service team at 08800762226.

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