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Subscription Plans, Order & Deposit

What type of subscription plans are available?

You can choose a suitable plan based on the model and duration. Livpure Smart subscription offers two advanced water purifiers with multi stage purification process – Bolt Mineralizer (RO + UV + Mineralizer) and Zinger Copper Hot (RO + UV + UF + Enhancer).

With the Bolt Mineralizer model, you get 3 plans based on the duration and water capacity – gold, silver, and unlimited plan.

When you choose our premium Zinger Copper Hot model, you get an unlimited plan.

Please check our plans here for more information.

How do I book a Livpure Smart RO for renting?

Livpure Smart Water Purifier subscription can be availed in 3 easy steps:

Process of Sign-Up/Login to place order:

Step 1: Sign-up - Customers can instantly sign-up using the phone number.

Step 2: Subscribe - Customers can subscribe to a plan & choose a plan based on model and duration.

Step 3: Activate - The customer will have to complete the KYC verification to activate the plan.

How do I pay my deposit?

Once the customer places their first order on the website, a refundable security deposit will be added to their total payment. The customer will have to pay for the security deposit to subscribe to the service. This payment can be done online through Netbanking, UPI/QR, credit/debit cards, EMI, wallets, and PayLater.

When will I get my deposit back?

Once the customer places a request for cancellation, our team will confirm and initiate a cancellation. Further, our technicians will visit and pick up the machine from the installation address. Once the machine gets picked up, the security deposit money will be credited to your bank/credit card account within 7 business days after the product passes quality control.

Is there any lock-in period?

As of now, there is no lock-in period. However, in the future, if there is any lock-in period, we will notify you.

Can I transfer my RO subscription to someone else?

Livpure Smart subscription can not be transferred to another person. However, you can cancel your subscription anytime through our app or customer care service.

How do I Cancel my RO rental subscription?

If in case, a customer wants to cancel their Livpure Smart Subscription, they can contact the customer care service at 088 0076 2226 to cancel the subscription. Cancellation can also be done through the Livpure Smart App. If you opt for cancellation through the App, our team will call you in order to do further proceedings for cancellation.

Is there any consumption limit in the unlimited plan?

There is a limit of 999 litres of water in an unlimited plan. Even if an individual drinks 4 litres of water a day, 999 litres of water per month is more than enough for a mid-sized family of eight people.

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