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Type of Impurities Water Purifiers Remove

Water, as we know, is one of the most important parts of life. It is probably more important than food. An average human can go for weeks without food but only a few days without water. It is present in abundance all around us in the form of oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. This water however, is not consumable as it is exploited by various industries. Many chemicals, effluent are released into the water, contaminating it. Water purifiers help to remove these impurities giving you clean pure water to drink.

Pure water should have no color or taste however certain materials give her a specific characteristic. The water purifier helps you to have pure and safe drinking water. It eliminates the harmful impurities which are present in the impure sand and ground. The filter is highly effective in eliminating the chlorine, bacteria present in the impure water.

Let’s discuss some of the main impurities present in water and the harsh effect it can have on the quality of the water. 

Water Purifiers Help Clean Water Impurities


Turbidity is the measure of the clarity of the water. It is an indication of presence of matter such as clay, silt which impart turbidity in water. These impurities may be injurious to our health. UF water purifiers are designed to reduce these turbidity levels. 

Floating Matters:

At many places, the grounds for garbage are generally close to a water body. Often, especially during the monsoon season, this garbage is carried by rain water into the water body. This will pollute the water and make it impure to drink. This may lead to various waterborne diseases. By using a Water Purifier, you can be sure of safe drinking water at all times. The water purifier helps to remove chlorine which is found in a water supply of many places, it also removes any other harmful impurities present in the drinking water.

Taste and Odour:

The waste and discharge from certain industries that get thrown into our oceans contains strong smelling chemical compounds which imparts taste and odour to the water. Such compounds make the water extremely unpleasant and dangerous to drink. RO purifiers improve the taste of water by removing these type of pollutants and making the water clear. Having an RO water purifier at home is beneficial for clean water. These are available online for your ease and comfort


Have you ever seen a river or lake with foam on the water? This means there is a presence of gas. The foam is formed by the absorption of gasses due to the whirling motion in rivers which flow with great velocity


Waste produced from industries contain acids or viruses. They affect tissues and cell growth. They are extremely small and can live for a very long time. 

Micro Organisms:

Micro organisms like bacteria, algae and fungi can adversely influence cell and tissue culture. These organisms grow for several years and get very difficult to remove

Dissolved Inorganic Ions:

Inorganic ions like silicates, chlorides, calcium, fluorides, nitrates etc. The instability in water that is caused by these ions have a negative impact on chemical and biological reactions. 

Dissolved Organic Compounds:

Any plant or animal decay as well as human activities that include the introduction of alcohol, pesticides, herbicides or detergents into the water

Dissolved Gasses:

Water naturally contains certain gasses like cardon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen. However these gasses alter the Ph balance of the water. Oxygen and nitrogen can affect the biochemical balance of the water and high levels can cause bubble formation. Carbon dioxide raises the water acidity level as well 

How to Prevent Contaminants Through RO Purifier 

The main and most popular way to remove these contaminants is through a water purifier. Different technologies have been created to specifically remove these impurities from water. Reverse Osmosis – RO water purifiers are one of the best water purifiers for home. The process of RO purifier removes upto 99% impurities like the ones discussed above. It is essential for one to find a way of removing these impurities as they can be detrimental to health. RO Water purifiers have been specially designed to remove these contaminants properly and give you water that fits the standards set by the government.

Water purifiers can be tiresome especially for people who are on the move and relocate frequently. Livpure Smart has a solution for this where you can now rent a water purifier online by visiting our website and subscribe to the best water purifier plan according to your need. There are rental plans available based on your water consumption levels which means that every person can and should have access to fresh clean drinking water!  Livpure’s Smart Subscription service helps you rent water purifiers online without the need of purchasing them. You can choose from monthly, quarterly, yearly rent plans based on your household requirements.

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