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Discover the Referral Benefits of Livpure Smart Subscription

Livpure Smart Referral Benefits

With Livpure Smart Subscription, you can have your own RO water purifier on rent without paying any machine charges and enjoy a number of other benefits. These benefits include no charges for maintenance, installation, shifting location, and an unlimited water supply plan. If you are an existing customer, you already know of all these services. But that’s not all. Livpure Smart Subscription has more to offer its customers. Have you used our referral program? If you haven’t tried that yet, you are at the right place.

Livpure Smart referral program is rewarding for both existing customers and new customers as well. Mostly, the referral program allows customers to share multiple referral codes with their friends and family. In fact, our referral system has been created in a way where the more you refer, the more benefits you get.

Suppose you refer Livpure subscription to one of your friends, and he/she avails our water purifier subscription. In this case, you will receive a reward and your friend will also get a discount on their total bill. Furthermore, you have the option to refer to more than one person, you can refer to multiple friends and enjoy multiple rewards with each successful order. In fact, your friend who has joined our subscription using your referral code, will also have the option to refer their friends and the cycle continues. The new customers not only get a discount on their first order but also the chance to refer their friends and enjoy more rewards. Our referral program lets you refer and earn money.

What are the Benefits of the Livpure Referral Program?

How Does Livpure Smart Water Purifier Subscription Referral Program Work?

Step 1: Share your referral link and unique code with your friends via whatsapp etc.
Step 2: Ask your friend to sign up or subscribe to the Livpure Smart plan using the said link/code.
Step 3: Get Rs 500 when your friend subscribes with an added Rs 100 off for your friend.
Step 4: Refer more often to friends to become a Super Smart referer, who will get an extra Rs.2500.

Our referral program is a great incentive for our customers to associate with Livpure Smart and earn. The program is aimed at creating an interactive and rewarding experience for all our customers.

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