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Importance of Having a RO Water Purifier

The city water supply is mostly polluted, and the underground water is similarly so, if not worse off. Drinking adulterated water is the leading cause of illnesses and serious diseases around the globe. In India, matters are worse, as the freshwater sources are slowly declining as well. What’s making the upcoming threat even more grievous is the presence of thousands of known potable contaminants that are mixed up and floating around within the droplets of flowing supply water in our homes. Drinking packaged mineral water is not an alternative option as well, due to many factors. The only alternative to consume pure, contaminant-free drinking water is via the utilisation of a comprehensive RO water purifier system. Water purifiers are preferred by several people because they supply a stronger quality of tasty and great smelling water because of their innate ability to get rid of chlorine and other bacterial contaminants, thus preventing harmful substances from entering the body.

Benefits of Water Purifier 

1. Provides clean drinking water

The first and the most important benefit of a water purifier is of course that it gives you purified drinking water, free of contaminants. Water from a good water purifier will have fewer bacteria, fewer heavy metals, and possibly even less chemical pollution than water that comes straight from the faucet. Those who regularly drink water from an RO purifier find that the benefits are that they’re more alert, have fewer digestive issues, and have an overall healthier feeling than when they consumed water straight from the faucet.

Other sources of water may taste metallic or slightly bitter because of the presence of harmful chemicals, gases, or additives that are put into the water system to stay stable and clear during the supply. Removing or eliminating the chemicals or metals that are causing this problem can be done with a good RO water purifier. This can leave you with water that contains beneficial minerals that your body needs while delivering nourishing, great quality tasting water to be used and consumed.

2. Affordable & Efficient

Lastly, a water purification system is affordable and easy to install. When put next to the price of buying drinking water over one year, the water purifier soon pays for itself. Often this drinking water consists of water that comes from an unknown or untested source and is then run through a purification process.

Bottled Water Vs Water Purifier 

There is plenty of controversy regarding drinking water. Many folks drink bottled, mineral water rather than RO purified water, and buy them more because of smart marketing techniques. But how are you able to make certain that the packaged drinking water you drink is safe? Many tests have revealed that the bottled water you receive might not meet the recommended cleanliness standards. Besides, many reports prove that packaged water has harmful substances.

The packaged drinking water that you just buy from the shop doesn’t even mention the source of water. At times, an excess amount of minerals are added to the drinking water that you drink out of the branded bottle. As our body needs only a little quantity of those minerals, drinking water can do more harm than good. Additionally, the plastic bottles contain polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which leach harmful chemicals into the water and increase your chances of chemical exposure. Plastic bottles also contain bisphenol A (BPA), which may affect your hormones. Additionary, it also increases plastic pollution.

Nowadays, many people have switched to water purifiers, because of the number of benefits. When it comes to bottled water vs. water purifiers, a decent water purification system can provide you with a safe and clean beverage that is freed from contaminants and plastic. However, before buying or renting a water purifier, make sure that you get the source water quality tested to arrive at the correct decision. Because the quality of water varies from different places to area, it’s essential to check the water quality before making your final judgement. To ensure that the purified water has adequate minerals, get RO water purifiers to include a TDS controller. Water purifiers with a TDS controller add and retain essential minerals within the purified water. However, it’s vital to shop for a water purifier that may remove all the contaminants present in water to avoid any health threats to your family, be it RO, UV, UF, or a combination of them depending on the source of water quality.

Major Diseases RO Purifier Defeat 

The most common disease which occurs due to bad quality drinking water in India is diarrhoea. It is triggered by bacteria, viruses, and parasites, and causes stomach ache, bloating, weight loss, and a high level of physical restlessness and discomfort. Other waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera and hepatitis are also caused when human and animal waste find their way into the water supply and pathogens form. Keeping waterborne diseases away from your family is easy by using a good water purifier for your home.  Reverse Osmosis (RO), UV, and UF water purifiers work on the source water and purify water to an optimum level.

Environmental Benefits 

When water is continually purchased in the bottled form it’s also contributing to environmental degradation. These bottles are often manufactured from petrochemicals and if not recycled either find themselves in our shrinking landfills or often as trash and debris on our lands, streams, or as floating islands of garbage within the oceans.

The benefit of a water purifier is not only beneficial to your health but for your appliances’ life cycle, and for planet also. 

Reasons to Invest in Water Purifier

The use of a water purifier is to give you drinkable, disease-free water, along with other uses on your appliances, and to protect the environment in the long run. There is no other reason more important to invest in a water purifier than to keep yourself and your family disease-free. Explore the range of Livpure Smart water purifiers with RO, UV, and UF technologies, and even a combination of them, to get the purest drinking water possible with additional benefits of hot water and copper as well. Zinger copper hot water purifier is a combination of all purification technologies as well as additional benefits- it gives you the best drinking water possible. Many others from the range like Bolt and Glitz combine two technologies and mineralizers to give you the best possible water you can drink to be disease-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the importance of RO water?
RO technology gets rid of all the unwanted pollutants and dissolved chemicals from the source water to make the water drinkable and disease-free.

2. Is an RO water purifier necessary?
RO water purifier is necessary when the source water is polluted with chemicals and salts that might cause long-term diseases and harm your overall health.

3. Is RO water purifier good for health?
RO water purifier is good for health as a good and effective RO purifier will eliminate all unwanted minerals and chemicals from the drinking water and add back required minerals through a mineralizer.

4. Can we drink RO water daily?
RO water purifiers are made for daily use and to reduce environmental pollution by not generating plastic waste every day.

5. Are water purifiers better than bottled water?
Bottled water has PET and BPA leaching into the drinking water, as well as extra and unrequired minerals added to it. Water purifiers are free from anything unwanted and can just be poured straight into the glass. Additionally, bottled water produces a lot of plastic waste.

6. Is a water filter the same as bottled water?
Water filters and bottled water are very different. They might use the same line of giving the best drinking water possible, but water purifiers are more efficient, cleaner, and healthier.


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